Saturday, October 15, 2005

Into Africa trip

Well it's been a while since I last blogged. Apologies. I spent some time away at Ngwenya Lodge near Komatipoort, Maputo in Mozambique, and visited Mpumalanga's Hazy View, Grasskop, Pilgrims Rest and Sabie.

We booked Ngwenya Lodge through RCI, the time share folk. Even though we specified that we needed a ground floor unit for a physically challenged person, we arrived to find that we had been allocated a unit on the 1st floor - up some very steep wooden steps. It took them hours to find us anohter chalet. The Ngwenya staff blamed RCI, and RCI it seemed, were clueless anyway. Had we been in the company of a wheel chair bound person, the cottage would have been totally unsuitable. I would not recommend booking anything through RCI, or visiting Ngwenya Lodge if you are a PWD.

Pilgrims Rest is lovely. However, if you are a WC user, give it a wide berth. Skip it completely. Get yourself a picture postcard instead. Almost the entire town will be out of your reach.

The Kruger Park was kind to us, in that we spotted a huge amount of game. Even though a lot of the park is dry and desolate, there are still some rivers that are running fairly well, and the animals are looking none the worse for wear.

Maputo is gutted. And so sad. 30 years of war and 11 years of peace have left this once thriving country in ruins. How the people of Maputo manage to scratch out a living is beyond me.

To take a look at some holiday snaps, visit this website and look for the Holiday October 2005 pages.

Ah well, back to the grind stone I guess. Got to get ready for the silly season, which is upon us even as we speak!


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