Monday, June 19, 2006

Voodoo Child - exciting new party band

Well it's about time we think. A fabulous new party band has hit the scene in a huge way.

They are a 5-piece outfit and they're called Voodoo Child. They have been rocking at the Blues Room and at Tempo's on a regular basis. And we love them!

They play covers with a style that completely makes them their own, and also originals. In fact, one of their singles, PLAIN JANE, is getting lots of radio airplay these days.

We're thinking of doing another Winter Showcase this year, and they will definitely be one of the featured bands.

Just in time for function season....what more could you want??

Yip, we definitely are very pleased with Voodoo Child. They are going to do extremely well.

Hot hot hot, folks!!!


At 11:31 AM, Anonymous sam said...

i saw this band the other day at Tempos they are FRIKKEN AMAZING!!!


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