Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love Through Thick and Thin ?

Last week I received a request from a journalist wanting to write an article in a popular woman's magazine titled "Love Through Thick and Thin". The basic content was meant to uplift and inspire the reader.

She was looking to write about someone, anyone, who had become disabled while being in a mutually exclusive relationship, and how the partner/spouse continued to love and support the previously able-bodied person. How their unconditional love enabled the gimp to carry on. How great and awe-inspiring must such a love be.....to stand by the disabled, to not leave when the going got tough. Love through thick and thin.....

What a crock!

My question would be - Why would losing a limb, or losing the ability to walk, inspire any kind of greater love? Surely we must be talking sympathy......(not empathy).....and are we offering up some kind of noddy-badge-medal to the person who does not walk away, who stops loving...who refuses to see the disabled as half-brained or half the person they were before.

I am looking forward to reading this "inspirational" article. I would like to see just how they portray this unconditional love. And more importantly, how they portray the newly disabled person.

I did ask nicely that the journalist be wary of showing us gimps in a poor and weak light. I am wondering if she could.....

Pffffft!!!!! Love through thick and thin indeed!

My most humble and personal opinion of course....



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