Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tempo's Pub Idol Competition

Well, it's been running since the 19th of August and will finish at the end of October. Trevor and Cathy are putting up some wicked prize money (R20,000 for 1st place) and the place has been pumping for weeks. The competition was opened to everyone, from novice wannabe's to professional vocalists, so there's some great talent going down.

I am judging there this Saturday (30 September) from about 20h00, so if you're around, pull in and say hola. You can even buy me a zambucca if you ask nicely ...... :) It's nearly the end of the second heat, and the finals will run right through next month.

Tempo's is in Hans Strydom Drive, Kya Sands (Gauteng). I've lost count of the number of bars in the venue, and how many bands they have there over the weekend. Sometimes (mostly) it's a bit busy for me, but if you enjoy live bands and rave DJ's, then you should make a turn there.

We've seen Prime Circle, Mean Mr Mustard, Voodoo Child, Dr Vic, Gappie.....too many to mention. October will host 16 Stitch, White Rabbit, The Narrow, Fokofpolisiekar and more.

Got to give it up to Trevor - he knows how to work a venue.

See you there for an all-fall-down!