Thursday, March 01, 2007

Animals in Distress

Did anyone catch PAT from Animals in Distress on Highveld yesterday morning? She got herself into the draw that everyone is buzzing about for the car, house and million bucks. It comes as NO surprise to me that my very dear (slightly demented) friend would do something like......rolling in a mound of horse poo in a feather boa and crazy fluffy slippers.

Pat is one of the most honest, profound, deeply passionate people I have had the pleasure to call my friend. Perhaps one day we will write a book on all of our schemes and travels throughout the years. Not the least will be when she fell off the pavement outside the Ritz in London under a taxi cab and sprained her foot and dirtied her jeans in the London muck. So much for us saving money on a bus....

All the best of British luck with this competition my Pats. There couldn't be a more deserving winner then you, and your animal friends.

I certainly owe my sanity (??) and slightly warped sense of humour to you! I will adore you forever!

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